10 rules for decorating the apartment

Considering that nowadays it is not only the competitiveness of prices and flexibility that is important, in the sea of a wide offer you can best stand out by decorating the interior.

Arranging apartments for tourism is not easy. We need to weigh how much we will invest in it to make renting worth it. How much money do we have at our disposal? What to pay special attention to when arranging an apartment for rent? Therefore, below are some guidelines for decorating the interior of the apartment.

10 rules for decorating the apartment:

1. All rooms are equally important!
You will come across various recommendations to pay more attention to the living room or kitchen (because everyone gathers there), others will talk about the bathroom, the third about the bedroom (because it is a place to rest and relax). Especially the terrace ( that is only important to the guest). Remember, all rooms are equally important.

2. We invest in practical furniture and equipment!
When choosing furniture, don’t cram giant pieces into too often barely enough spaces. Smaller but practical pieces of furniture leave an impression of spaciousness. Today, such furniture can be purchased at reasonable prices.

3. Let there be light!
Even if our apartment is full of natural light, lighting fixtures in strategic places will contribute to the feeling of comfort. Strategically placed lighting that illuminates all parts of the room, visually enlarges the space. With light tricks, we can make our studio apartment or room as big as a luxury apartment and add a dose of glamor to the accommodation.

4. Curtains are important!
Curtains are important for a sense of hospitality and home. At the same time, it is a small investment with which we can evoke a feeling of warmth and give the space freshness. Old or dirty curtains send an unpleasant message of carelessness. For spaces with less natural light, we will choose light light curtains, without or with a small pattern, while for more airy rooms we have a wider range of options and play with patterns and colors. Avoid intrusive colorful patterns and blinds! So the guest would feel like he was in the office!

5. Brush in hand!
Painting the walls is probably the simplest and cheapest way to add freshness and a sense of cleanliness to an apartment. Dirty walls are a bad image of us as hosts. We recommend bright and unobtrusive pastel shades. In doing so, we will make sure that the neutrality we want to achieve does not turn into boredom. We will add warmth to details of different patterns, wall stickers or colors.

6. Carpet!
In addition to bringing decor into the space, they are also our protection of floor coverings, whether it is laminate or parquet. Depending on the possibilities and desires, we will choose the appropriate size of the carpet, and the pattern and color according to your own affinities. We will take care of the materials; natural materials are more expensive and it is an unnecessary investment for an apartment where it will be run over by hundreds of feet. Acrylic or polypropylene rugs do not absorb dirt, and are also suitable for guests who have allergy problems.

7. Details make a difference
We must not overdo it with decorations and combine different styles just to fill the space. A little detail is necessary, but we will not make the job of cleaning and tidying up difficult for ourselves. We will hang pictures on the walls. Arrange the vases (full if possible). Scatter decorative pillows. We will add a little color to the world and delight the guest with details.

8. Everyone loves green!
We have no garden, no problem. Potted plants with ornamental plants are not a big investment and can add love to our rental apartment. We will arrange a couple of plants around the rooms, the kitchen and living room especially love the greenery. We will not exaggerate here either; we would rather opt for smaller plants that do not require much care and watering, and are visually attractive.

9. Mirror, mirrors ...
The mirror gives the illusion of more space. It's a cheap trick to distract from perhaps some less attractive areas in an apartment, room or vacation home. We will place them in comfortable and lighted places to deepen the space and connection of the guest with their temporary residence.

10. Cheap is usually not cheaper!
We must carefully study the materials that we will choose when furnishing the apartment. We will choose materials that are easy to maintain and that are washable. This primarily applies to sofas, chairs, mattresses, showers, even floors. The cheapest tiles are not the cheapest solution. They are more prone to damage and no one wants to change the tiles every couple of years.

Example of the above rules in practice: