Benefits of working with an Agency

Many renters (private owners) turn to local travel agencies for help in filling their accommodation.

There are many reasons for doing business with agencies, and among them are the lack of time needed for successful self-promotion, ignorance of foreign languages, computer illiteracy, and the desire to simplify the rental process. With the aim of better understanding the way travel agencies operate and the relationship between renters, travel agencies and ultimately the guests themselves.

The agency is obliged to take care and work with potential and current guests presenting and selling accommodation services. Regarding advertising, the agency has the right to advertise and promote the landlord's capacities on its own, but also on other websites and social networks.

Also, if necessary, the agency offers the service of handling guests, ie receiving and accommodating guests, and other accompanying services. Such a service can significantly help new renters who do not yet have experience in working with guests, and renters who do not know foreign languages and are not able to communicate with guests.


  • Organization
  • Personal access to each landlord
  • Availability
  • Joint close cooperation - communication
  • Extensive experience and professional staff

Our advice to you as hosts on how to increase the number of reservations is:

  • Work with the agency because that way you can be present on a lot of channels
  • Price policy: optimal distribution and flexibility
  • Restrictions: minimum number of days and cancellation policy
  • Arrangement and equipment of the apartment
  • Attitude towards the guest - reviews

Why work with us?

  • Extensive experience and professional approach
  • Individual and detailed cooperation with each landlord
  • Large number of partners (agencies, portals, tour operators ()
  • Low commission

We are at your disposal. Here you can contact us.